Ric Flair Voted For Himself

Last month, we brought you the vital news that Ric Flair was running for President of the United States, on a ticket with Waka Flocka Flame. It was somehow the most normal thing that had happened during this entire election cycle.

Tuesday is Election Day, and true to his word, Flair wrote in himself for President (no love shown to Waka Flocka, because Flair knows loyalty is for suckers).



I need a Ric Flair presidency more than anything. How amazing would it be if the Nature Boy was in the Oval Office? He has just as much political experience as the man who actually won the race so I literally can’t think of one reason why he isn’t the next president-elect.

Imagine how much foreign countries would respect America if the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion was running the White House. “WOOOOO” after every National Anthem. I dare Colin Kaepernick to take a knee during the anthem while they are mandated to show old Flair highlights.

I’m actually shocked that Ric Flair didn’t win. He without a doubt got more votes than Hillary. I’m pretty sure Hillary voted for Flair.



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