RGIII and His Girlfriend Got Their Wallets Stolen During the Browns Game


At no point in time is Robert Griffin III not losing. From the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to bed, he is losing. It’s like Groundhog’s day for RGIII where he repeats the same interceptions, dumb injuries and weird ass girlfriends.

Robert Griffin III’s girlfriend from Mesopotamia or wherever the fuck she’s from seems like a real psychopath. She’s also extremely hot so yea, of course she’s insane. That’s the tradeoff you make for beauty. It’s like wishing on a Monkey Paw, you know there’s a consequence to ever wish.

The Cleveland Browns are the worst organization in sports. They’ve got valets robbing their ‘star’ quarterbacks and their mail-order girlfriends from Yugoslavia.



Also, I know I just talked a lot of shit but oh heyyyy Grete Sadeiko. If you’re reading this, I will totally keep our wallets safe and stuff. DM me.



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