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You Can Now Bet Money On Whether Or Not Rey’s Father is Luke Skywalker

Offshore book MyBookie has placed odds on Luke being Rey’s father (hat tip Sports Insights). Though they will surely change between now and the movie’s December premiere, right now “No” is a small favorite at -130. “Yes” currently has even odds. Fans were already invested in learning more about Rey, and this element just adds to the intrigue. Now, moviegoers could literally have something personal at stake if they choose to take part in this.

(Screen Rant)

Star Wars The Last Jedi doesn’t come out until December and I’ve turned my brain off from all new information. As much as I love me some Star Wars speculation, I need a break. Our president is under fire. Russia is running the country. Slippin Jimmy is about to turn into Saul Goodman.

There’s so much going on in the world.

But as much as I try to fight off Star Wars, I can’t help but thinking about who Rey’s parents might be. I won’t run down all of the options right now but if you bet money on Luke Skywalker then I guarantee you are going to lose your money.

Also, just don’t bet on Star Wars in general. I’m a huge nerd but like, that’s soooo lame.


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