Remove Dan Snyder From The NFL Immediately

All week we were teased about a big story surrounding the Washington football organization because it’s 2020 and the media is garbage and must hype up their reports like new Marvel releases even though all of the Washington Post’s content is hidden behind a paywall and they have Jeff Bezos money backing them but whatever, go off.

But we can talk about the death of journalism at a later date. Let’s focus on how awful the Washington football club treats women as 15 of them have come out and accused several people in the organization of sexual harassment from 2006-2019.

The story was mostly surrounding former employee, Emily Applegate, who said that she met with another female employee in the bathroom throughout the day to cry about their abuse by their male colleagues and superiors.

The entire report absolves Dan Snyder of all blame as none of the women claim that they had any negative interactions with the team owner but this whole thing is still gross as hell.

It was mostly focused on radio voice, Larry Michael, and the team’s director of pro personal, Alex Santos, as the two main culprits of this behavior. Michael was caught on a hot mic meandering on about how hot a college intern was. Santos, who looks like the grimiest slimey loser on Earth, really got in his creepy bag.

Alex Santos was commenting on women’s bodies. Yes, this dude who looks like you can smell him walking towards you. He pinched a female reporter from The Athletic and told her she had an ‘ass like a wagon’. This was 2019. Not 1959. This wasn’t Christina Hendricks walking by in a short dress who felt offended if men didn’t break their necks staring at her crotch. This was some random woman in the building to ask questions about the bitch ass Washington football team being told she has a wagon for no reason whatsoever.

Do you want to know why these men felt so comfortable and confident being creepy as hell? Because there were no consequences. These women didn’t even have an HR department to bring complaints to.

When you combine this story with news that I wrote about a couple years ago about how Washington would pimp out their cheerleaders to potential clients in order to seal business deals then it’s very clear that Dan Snyder does not see women as equals and that has trickled down to the rest of his shitty franchise.

Of course, pale-faced tiny-dicked dweebs walked away from this story with the dumbest takes including former ESPN employee, Darren Rovell.

A detailed story about women crying in the office every day because men were sexually harassing them and this asshole wants to make this about ‘cancel culture’, a phrase that means absolutely nothing to most people but everything to people who have the worst opinions and think that receiving deserved criticism for their atrocious opinions is the result of some imaginary force created to take down ‘free thinkers’.

Dan Snyder runs an organization where female reporters get grabbed and whistled at and aggressively hit on by men who shouldn’t have the confidence to even make eye contact with them. There is no need to move the goalposts. Do people like Darren Rovell want to wait until a woman is raped before there is real change made or will they immediately turn it into a debate about whether or not we should believe her because she could have ulterior motives?

White dudes who have and will never face any sort of adversity at work love downplaying other people’s adversity at work. It’s their favorite thing in the world. But this isn’t about Darren Rovell and his limited social IQ.

Why should Dan Snyder get any benefit of the doubt here?

He allowed his team to be named after a racial slur because he was always able to find one Native American who was indifferent about it and only changed the name because he was facing financial consequences. He sold cheerleaders out as escorts to close business deals. And every woman that walked through his facility was victim to the grossest male advances.

Get Dan Snyder the fuuuuuck out of the NFL before someone gets truly hurt. Oh, also the team stinks and has been awful since he purchased them and that is a direct reflection on terrible ownership.


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