Remembering That Totally Cool Time That Harvey Weinstein Forced a Woman To Watch Him Fap Into a Potted Plant

A woman has come forward with accusations that film producer Harvey Weinstein cornered her in the hallway of a high-end New York restaurant and masturbated in front of her. Lauren Sivan, a former television anchor at a Long Island cable channel, told HuffPost that after Weinstein took her on a tour of the kitchen at Cafe Socialista in 2007, he attempted to kiss her. When she rebuffed him, Weinstein allegedly said, “Well, can you just stand there and shut up.” Sivan told HuffPost that Weinstein then proceeded to expose himself and masturbate in front of her, ejaculating in a potted plant. On Thursday, Weinstein was accused of decades of workplace sexual harassment in a piece in the New York Times. Weinstein has denied purposeful sexual harassment but apologized for behavior that “caused a lot of pain.”

(Daily Beast)


What a totally cool and normal thing for totally normal and cool Harvey Weinstein to just corner a woman alone and take your old man dick out to force her to watch you fap into a plant. There’s nothing weird here. Absolutely normal behavior.

Harvey Weinstein is just your standard Hollywood movie producer who thinks every woman in the world is his own personal sex doll. Again, nothing crazy to see here. After decades of just rubbing his boner on random actresses and skeeting in gardens, it seems as though the walls have finally caved in on the Weinstein groping era.

I really hope that everything works out for Weinstein. All he wants to do is sexually harass every woman he makes eye contact with and the LAME STREAM MEDIA is making a big deal about it. Um, he’s rich and famous. What’s the big deal? Are we suddenly saying that being powerful in Hollywood doesn’t mean you can just do whatever you want anymore? Wack.


Also real quick, her’s Lauren Sivan. Get me a potted plant asap.




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