Remember When Antonio Brown Raped That Woman?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the third-ranked scoring offense in the NFL this season led by 84-year old Tom Brady and a surplus of talent at every skill position including the rise of new deep threat, Scotty Miller, who looks exactly like the type of wide receiver that Brady would turn into a star. Yt.

The Bucs are 5-2 on the season and just stomped out the NFC favorite Green Bay Packers in a 38-10 beatdown followed by a 45-20 powerbombing of the Oakland Raiders this past Sunday. And with the Seahawks losing to Arizona on Sunday night, you can comfortably argue that Tampa is the best team in the conference.

Anddd that’s all about to explode as they are signing Antonio Brown to disrupt their success for absolutely no reason outside of the fact that AB lived with Tom Brady when he played they played in New England together before we all found out that Brown sexually assaulted a trainer.

Last year, Antonio Brown was taken to civil court by his personal trainer, Britney Taylor, who said that Brown sexually assaulted on three separate occasions. That story was paired with another woman who said that Brown invited her over to paint a mural in his home and proceeded to just walk around naked and then sent her threatening texts when she spoke out against him.

Very cool and normal and regular behavior from a man that was kicked off the Oakland Raiders because he refused to play with the brand new league helmets and cried about not being allowed to use his helmet from the previous season.

Although Brown was suspended for the first 8 games of the season and Bucs losers will be like ‘he served his suspension. He deserves another chance’ it’s important to note that this slimy asshole is STILL going to court over sexually assaulting Britney Taylor. This case isn’t even over yet.

Bucs head coach, Bruce Arians, has said that he thinks Antonio Brown has ‘matured’ since last year which is interesting considering Brown spent his time outside of football to go on a press tour for a rap album that no one on planet Earth has listened to and went on a weird ‘No More White Women’ campaign which is disgusting considering the mother of his children are white. Love when my dad gives me lifelong trauma and identity disassociation as a mixed kid who is being told that I’m supposed to hate my mom’s skin.

Very cool and regular. Super mature.

Now this is when people defend the signing by saying that Antonio Brown is one of the best wide receivers ever and talent will always get more chances to which my response is ‘yea duh. I’m literally saying we should stop doing this shit’

Antonio Brown raped a woman and he’s about to play against MY New York Giants this Monday and everyone in sports media is like ‘wow, he’s a changed man. This Bucs offense is crazy. Good for Tom Brady’ instead of being horrified at the overall lack of consequences for a man who has given zero reason for any of us to believe that he is innocent or a good decent person.

He’s most likely going to catch a touchdown pass and the clip of his corny ass celebration is going to get Bleacher Report the most retweets they’ve gotten all season. I’m going to tweet that Antonio Brown raped a woman and I’m going to lose followers for reminding people.

Fuck the Bucs and this low IQ sexual predator as well as all of his enablers. How many women like Britney Taylor need to have their entire lives upended because a man with ‘talent’ and all the financial resources available decided to take their bodies from them?

Fuck Antonio Brown.

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