Remember New York Knicks Legend Allan Houston and The Most Awkward Dunk Contest Ever

Allan Houston will go down as one of the best shooters in the NBA history. He is already considered one of the best New York Knicks ever as he helped bridge the gap between the amazing Patrick Ewing era to the vomit inducing Stephon Marbury era. Welllll, remember that time he was in the 1994 dunk contest?

This video is absolutely cringe-worthy. Once the 90-second timer starts and the oh so 90’s music fills the arena, you know you’re about to see some strange shit. As a last second replacement for the injured Harold Minor, Houston stepped up to the task, ill prepared. And it showed.

Not the biggest fan of just dunking as much as you want for 90 seconds. Of course, you’re going to see some lame dunks in there. You didn’t see Michael Jordan’s cradle dunk and then have him immediately jog back to midcourt and dunk from the free throw line all within 90 seconds. It completely diminishes the impact of the dunk prior.

The only salvaging moment is Allan Houston performing one of the most unique dunks in slam dunk history as he dunked the ball after bouncing it on his head. However, you never want the crowd laughing after you slam it in. You probably want more shock and awe and less comic relief.

Allan Houston was basically solidifying the fact that he’d end his career in a Knicks jersey. That’s what we do. We get out there and we’re awkward from the first second to the very last. #Knickstape.

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