Regardless of How Bad The New York Giants Get This Year, Geno Smith Should Never Touch The Football

I’m coming in hot right now so bear with me. I just read an article that compared Geno Smith to Drew Brees. I’m hoping you read that sentence and made the same face I made when I read it for the first time. That might be the worst take in NFL history.

“They’re numbers are identical” BOOOOO.

The New York Giants are currently 2-9 and every Sunday, they look like they’ve never played football before. I’m not sure that Ben McAdoo holds practices but he’ll never get fired because he’s holding John Mara’s grandchildren hostage somewhere.

There is literally nothing going for the Giants this season but you know the quickest way to alienate all of your fans? End Eli Manning’s consecutive start streak so that Geno Smith can fumble snaps and throw the ball directly into the arms of defensive lineman.

Geno Smith is bad at football. I don’t care how ‘well’ he played in his last 6 games for the New York Jets. I’ve never understood all of this ‘potential’ that people keep throwing on Geno’s shoulders. He was never that amazing in West Virginia and we all saw him play in a Jets uniform. He’s 12-18 as a starter in New York. The Jets had one of the best defenses during that time. All he had to do was not suck. He couldn’t do that.

Get Geno talk OUT of here. Get Davis Webb chatter the fuuuuck out of here. There is no need to throw in awful quarterbacks. Look who Eli is throwing to right now. These wide receivers were working in the concession stands at MetLife Stadium until all of a sudden Jerry Reese signed them to a 1-year deal to run routes down the middle against Von Miller.

Geno needs to never play for the Giants. Ever. Thanks.




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