Reds Broadcaster Thom Brennaman is Deeply Sorry For Using a Racial Slur AND A DEEP DRIVE TO LEFT BY Castellanos

In the midst of a live Cincinnati Reds game, longtime broadcaster Thom Brennaman was caught on a hot mic casually calling some city the f-word capital of the world completely unprovoked with no context straight up just at work.


Brennaman said that word with his whole chest. Sounded like he stood up out of his chair to make it more clear. This man clearly feels a type of way about both the location he was talking about and the word he used to describe it as if being gay is the worst thing a person could be and it’s the ultimate insult to refer to people/places as such.

In the 5th inning, Brennaman announced that he would be leaving the broadcast and proceeded to issue an apology until Nick Castellanos ran into one.

When you use a homophobic slur live on air and then attempt to apologize, you might want to finish your apology entirely before you rush back into the play-by-play. We’re watching the game. We can see the home run. Can we get back to the use of the f-word? I promise you it is more important that you acknowledge you attacked an entire community of people than it is for you to lazily call a solo home run in a game the Reds are already up 3-0.

Also love calling yourself a ‘man of faith’ for absolutely no reason. Most men of faith do not need to clarify and let everyone know that they are men of faith after dropping slurs on TV. They typically indicate to us that they’re men of faith by, ya know, not being bigots.

I cannot wait for the wave of gay-hating conservatives who don’t believe it’s a big deal to say that word all come out of the clouds to cry about cancel culture and how freedom of speech is being stolen by mob mentality and all of the bullshit that keeps that lights on over at Fox News HQ.

Seeeeee ya, Thom Brennaman.


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