Redrafting the 1996 NBA Draft

With Kobe Bryant retiring at the end of this season, let’s take a look at the 1996 NBA Draft. In the 1996 NBA Draft, Kobe Bryant was drafted 13th overall by the Charlotte Hornets. I think if those owners had the opportunity to redraft, they might want to take Kobe a little sooner than 13th. But there were also a few other huge hall-of-fame level superstars in this draft so let’s redo the whole thing.


Well, just the lottery picks. I’ve got stuff to do. I don’t have time to research an entire 58 selection draft.



14. Sacramento Kings: Kerry Kittles

kerry kittles

Kerry Kittles was a role player on a team that made the NBA finals 3 times. He would be a fantastic role player on any team whether he’s starting or coming off the bench. He was a solid NBA player worth his roster spot. He and Jason Kidd might go down as one of the best back courts of the 2000’s. I mean, that’s mostly because of what Kidd did but Kerry Kittles was there too.


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