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9 Reasons Why Game of Thrones Season 7 Was The Worst Season Ever

7. Forced Love Story


Daenerys and Jon Snow are the most predictable and least interesting love story of all time. I honestly wouldn’t mind this telegraphed ship if it wasn’t the most forced thing ever. Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington appeared as if they had a sniper rifle pointed at their heads and they were forced into the same room together. They had the chemistry of oil and water.

Daario was the most charismatic man in the show. Jon Snow is the polar opposite. The world is falling around them, yet they have somehow found the time to fall in love. Makes sense. Also, if you need a scene where Tyrion explains to Khaleesi that Jon likes her, maybe you didn’t do a good enough job of depicting it through Jon’s actions. Show, don’t tell.

Also suuuper weird move to have Bran narrating the scene of his brother banging by explaining that he’s actually banging his aunt. Super weird to have Bran so excited to say that Jon is a Targaryen while he’s balls deep inside of a woman whose last name is Targaryen. Super weird.


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