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9 Reasons Why Game of Thrones Season 7 Was The Worst Season Ever

6. Catch a Wight

beyond the wall

The ‘catch a wight’ is the dumbest storyline ever. Let’s break this down real quick. Tyrion decides that Jon Snow and like, 7-8 other random guys should walk deep past the wall to catch ONE wight even though it’s established that White Walkers don’t travel alone to be picked off but it’s cool, these 8 guys will be able to take one alive out of the thousands upon thousands marching towards Westeros.

They then want to bring the wight down to King’s Landing, not to ask Cersei for her army and support in this great war but no, they simply want her to stop advancing on Daenerys while she’s away fighting zombies up north.

I think we can all agree that this is the dumbest thing ever and just an excuse to give The Night King an Ice Dragon so that he can melt the wall down. ¬†But the problem with the plan is that Beric Dandarrion points out that if they kill The Night King then all of the White Walkers die. Sooo all they really needed to do was have Daenerys come and use her dragons to create a fire funnel so that Jon and the gang can march right up to The Night King and kill him. No Unsullied or Dothraki needed. Don’t have to involve the Northern houses. Don’t even need to let Cersei know that you left Dragonstone for awhile. By simplifying and creating an easy way to stop the White Walkers, you made that dumb plan look even dumber.

What about Cersei makes you think that she’d go along with you? She blew up half of King’s Landing out of revenge. Pushed a child out of a window. Banged Jaime on the floor next to her son’s dead body. Homegirl gives no shits about your little zombie quest.


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