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9 Reasons Why Game of Thrones Season 7 Was The Worst Season Ever

3. How/Why is Jaime Lannister Still Alive?

Game of Thrones has proven that it’s not afraid to kill off main characters for the sake of telling a more compelling story. This season, they decided to keep everyone but Thoros of Myr and the Sand Snakes alive to the detriment of the story.

I get the idea of keeping Jaime alive to fulfill the prophecy of Cersei’s death but that seems to be canceled out in the finale when he leaves her side and joins the good guys. Sooo why is he even still alive? Having him get burned alive by Drogon in the Loot Train Attack would’ve been a shocking end to one of the most visually amazing sequences in the show’s history but nope, he just popped up at the beginning of the next episode and spit out a little water like it was an animated Disney movie.

The perfect end would’ve been in the finale when Cersei told the Mountain to kill him. Mainly because earlier in the episode she had the same interaction with Tyrion. Why did they mirror that moment twice only for The Mountain to do nothing both times? This is the only season where I genuinely questioned the showrunners ability to tell a good story.

I understand that we’re at the finish line of this journey and these are the pocket of characters who have made it to the end. These are our heroes. But like, the redemption of Jaime has been done. We don’t need to see him fight ice zombies. From a logical storytelling perspective, he should be mega dead by now.


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