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9 Reasons Why Game of Thrones Season 7 Was The Worst Season Ever

2. Fuck The Greyjoys

Why do they Grejoys have so much screen time still? Perhaps we wouldn’t have to rush through travel times if there weren’t 10 minutes of the finale dedicated to Theon’s redemption, a story that no one¬†cares¬†about or needs to see happen. Get Euron out of my life. The best moment of the finale is when Euron decided he was going to stay on an island and wait out the whole ice zombie thing.

Theon jumping off that ship when his sister was captured by Euron should’ve been the last we see of both him and Yara but nope, she’s still alive and we have to go rescue her in a side mission that doesn’t affect anything in any way. Who still gives a shit about the Iron Islands?

Shout out to Alfie Allen’s agent who must’ve somehow added in his contract that Theon must get at least 30 minutes dedicated to his dumb character arc per season.


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