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4 Reasons Why Deadpool 2 is Going To Be The Best Super Hero Movie of 2018

The Deadpool 2 trailer has hit the streets and I’ve watched it no less than 4,746,420 times so far. I saw Deadpool three times in theatres when it came out, including a hot Valentine’s Day date. She and I are no longer dating, to no one’s surprise.

Every other weekend there is a new super hero movie coming out but Deadpool 2 will without a doubt be the best of them all.



1. Reasonable Expectations

avengers infinity war

Avengers: Infinity War is going to be the biggest Super Hero movie of all time. Every single MCU character is going to be in this movie just punching Thanos in the face for a film that I assume will last 5 hours and will require an intermission after Tony Stark literally gets his heart ripped out of his chest.

We can all agree that Black Panther is by far the most important super hero movie with the all-black¬†cast and creating important conversations about race and our relationship with Africa but like, Deadpool 2 is going to be a far more enjoyable experience because it doesn’t have the expectations of changing the entire world. All Deadpool 2 has to do is make dick jokes and show random henchmen get their¬†brains shot out of their skulls.


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