Re-Evaulating The New York Knicks Talent (Or Lack Thereof)

The New York Knicks are currently on a sinking ship and Derek Fisher took the last life raft to safety. Every night this team loses in a new pathetic fashion. It’s almost inspiring how they find ways to fail. After a hot start, this team looks like a collection of 15 random guys who have never played basketball before in their lives but have watched a few games here and there while it was playing on the television at the bar.

Let’s a take a look at the talent on this roster or the lack thereof. Before we point to how bad the coaching is and how outdated the triangle offense is, do the Knicks even have an NBA-worthy squad? So I will break this down in¬†4 sections: Get Out of the League, D-Leaguers, Bench Players and Stars.

[su_heading]Get Out of the League[/su_heading]

Jose Calderon

jose calderon

Jose Calderon is the worst point guard in the NBA. You might as well be playing 4-on-5 when he’s out there defensively. He has the lateral quickness of a man in a wheelchair stuck in dry cement. He’s a veteran that has no idea where he’s supposed to be on the court so there is no value in his NBA experience.

The ONLY thing he can do is shoot the ball but he’d rather pass up a wide open shot so that he can throw a wild pass into the defender’s hands and then foul him on the fast break. Get out of the league and get out of my life.

Sasha Vujacic

sasha vujacic

Every time Sasha Vujacic steps on the floor I check to see if there’s anything new on Netflix because the Knicks basically just waved the white flag. Sasha Vujacic is valuable the same way that a visible tumor is valuable. A tumor lets you know that you need to see a doctor immediately and Vujacic on the court means it’s time to completely flip the Knicks roster around. Sooo thank you, Sasha.

Kevin Seraphin

kevin seraphin

There was about a 2 week span when I fell in love with Seraphin. He can shoot the rock and he’s got some handles. Problem is, Kevin Seraphin thinks he’s Blake Griffin. You know when he gets a defensive rebound he’s going to try to go coast-to-coast. There could be 4 shooters at the 3-point line wide open and Seraphin will take on 5 defenders and brick a shot off the backboard. He can ball or whatever but he’d be great at YMCA so he should get out of the league and start dominating the local LA Fitness courts.

Cleanthony Early

cleanthony early

Now I know that Cleanthony is a young cat and hasn’t really been the opportunity to play but you can’t get shot outside a Queens strip club. The second you start chilling at Queens strip clubs is the second you deserve to be shot in the knee. That’s some sad Steve Francis shit.

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