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Ranking The 7 Top Candidates For The New York Knicks Head Coaching Job

There’s a lot going on in the world right now and none of them are more important than who the New York Knicks might sign as their new head coach. With a full overhaul of the front office, it’s time to see what these new executives are capable of and the first and most important decision is who they hire to coach and develop this young roster.

Disclaimer: Fuck Mark Jackson. He’s a homophobic sociopath that should not be directing young men. Just stick to complaining about the refs with Jeff Van Gundy.

Here are the rankings for the 7 top candidates for the New York Knicks head coaching job:

7. Tom Thibodeau

tom thibodeau new york knicks

Tom Thibodeau is reportedly the number one candidate for this job and that’s disgusting. For some reason, Thibs’s name pops up every time a head coaching vacancy opens up and it’s honestly baffling. Yes, he is the most experienced and is the second winningest coach in Chicago Bulls history behind Phil Jackson but 2011 was an entirely different NBA and the league has passed him by.

Thibs is known for coaching his players to the ground by grinding them too hard in practice and playing them 40+ minutes every single night. Derrick Rose’s knees exploded. Luol Deng’s career was cut short. He is going to murder Kevin Knox. He’s going to unleash a wild grizzly at center court and make Frank Ntilikina defend it.

6. Ty Lue

He’s won a championship I guess? I don’t know. Can anyone truly determine whether or not Ty Lue is actually a good coach when his only success was with LeBron James? Players like him and he’ll most likely be coaching in Brooklyn but it is impossible for anyone to definitively say whether or not he is a good head coach. He can coach superstars. The Knicks have zero of those.

5. Mike Miller

mike miller

It’s so strange to me that we watched Mike Miller excel with the same shitty roster that Dave Fizdale could not win games with. Perhaps Miller’s success says more about how terrible Fizdale is and less about how great Mike Miller is but it’s just odd that he doesn’t even seem to be in the running for the job that he currently already has.

4. Kenny Atkinson

nets culture

Kenny Atkinson was fired because the two moodiest superstars in NBA history didn’t like him. He turned D’Angelo Russell into an All-Star last year and coached a team of bench players into the players two seasons in a row. We wouldn’t know who Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie were if Kenny didn’t develop them.

Gone because he didn’t answer Kyrie’s ‘what is government?’ question correctly.

Also need to bring up that I once beat him one-on-one when he was a professional basketball player in Europe. Not bragging. Just delivering facts for the people.

3. Becky Hammon

Every Greg Popovich assistant coach is treated like the prince who is bound for the throne yet for whatever reason Becky Hammon can’t even get interviews. And this isn’t me alluding to sexism but more of the fact that guys like Tom Thibodeau continue to get opportunities because GMs are terrified of taking risks in fear of losing their jobs even though the irony is that hiring re-treads will get them fired sooner.

Becky Hammon is different and that frightens NBA execs. Leon Rose doesn’t seem like a man who thinks outside of the box so she won’t get this job but she certainly will one day and will beat the Knicks every time she shows up to Madison Square Garden.

2. Darvin Ham

Speaking of thinking outside of the box, Darvin Ham has been working with Mike Budenholzer since his days in Atlanta winning the Eastern Conference with Al Horford and Kyle Korver. Kenny Atkinson comes from the Budenholzer coaching tree and so does Memphis head coach, Taylor Jenkins, and they might sneak into the playoffs this season with only Ja Morant as their star.

Darvin Ham is the next one up.

1. Jerry Stackhouse

This is truly wishful thinking after Jerry Stackhouse just signed a 6-year contract to coach Vanderbilt last season but he’s the next big thing and it’s a shame he had to go to college to get his head coaching opportunity.

He led the Raptors G-League team to a 39-11 record winning both the title and the coach of the year award. Stackhouse is a 2-time All-Star shooting guard and the only player on the team with All-Star potential is rookie shooting guard RJ Barrett.




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