Ranking The 3 Big High School Movies Coming This Summer

Which coming of age movie are you most excited about?

In a span of two weeks, trailers upon trailers upon trailers hit the Internet streets all of which appeared to be high school-focused movies. Who cares about the Avengers? We’ve got all you can eat coming of age flicks for a generation of people who are making weird videos on Tic Toc and aren’t even thinking about reading Deadseriousenss. What a time to be alive.

Let’s start with the Seth Rogan produced Good Boys:

We’ve got kids cursing lets go. Jacob Tremblay is this era’s Dakota Fanning where he’s seemingly been 12 years old for about 5 years now. He is truly dedicated to his craft. One day his voice is going to change so I hope he’s collecting all of these checks before he swan dives into the awkward stage of puberty never to be heard from again.

Remember that movie Dope that came out a few years ago that had the same exact plot except it wasn’t about little kids swearing? Yea, I’m going to just go watch Dope again.

Next, onto Olivia Wilde’s directing debut Booksmart:

Before I go any further, round of applause to my girl Molly Gordon appearing in both of these movies. As the only person I know who watches Animal Kingdom on TNT, I’ve been Team Molly from day one and I’m glad she is securing any and all bags.

As far as Booksmart goes, there’s a lot of reductive comments saying that it’s Superbad but with girls and although that’s somewhat of a compliment considering how great Superbad is, nah b.

Booksmart looks like it’s own unique experience and I trust the minds of Olivia Wilde and Will Ferrell to cook up something new. But even if it is just the female version of Superbad, that still sounds like a FIRE movie.

And lastly, the movie that inspired this article, Dora and the Lost City of Gold:

Remember at the beginning when I said who cares about the Avengers movie? This was the movie I had in mind. Thanos was cute or whatever but Dora and Boots are back together and they’re all grown up.

Michael Pena is hilarious as always and I reckon my only qualm with this perfect trailer is that there doesn’t appear to be a 5’8 walking/talking fox that swipes her shit. Maybe that’s the big third act reveal. I’ll live tweet it on opening night so you’ll all know when I know.

So here are the Rankings:

3. Good Boys

2. Booksmart

1 Dora. Duh.

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