Random Midnight Playlist 1

Random Midnight Playlist is the newest weekly or bi-weekly or whenever I feel like writing this, article series dedicated to my insomniacs out there. Shout out to the nosebleeders. Every week I’m going to feed the streets with some oldies, some newies and some inbetweenies.

Here are 10 bangers. Or however many I’m about to post. Who knows?

I will find a way to force Sahbabii onto these playlists every single time.

Philosophy, theology, astronomy, astrology
The individual versus the colony
Society, conformity, reality is none of these and all of these
Just listen to your gut

Kenny Beats makes music that wants to put brass knuckles on and swing at the first person that makes eye contact with me. Rico Nasty makes me want to take their wallets.


Ya’ll gonna listen to some Tanukichan today.

Little midnight Mannequin Pussy for the people in the back.

The Cool Kids make music that makes you nod your head and give you that look on your face like you just saw the most disgusting thing eyes could see.

Real hip hop.


Die. Lit.

Only to be listened to after Playboy Carti.
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