Put The Biden Dogs To Sleep and Give Us Healthcare

Joe Biden has had an extremely weird cakewalk as far as media scrutiny goes. Being the post-Trump president has awarded him this odd veil of protection from the obvious criticisms he deserves.

Donald Trump didn’t let reporters even ask him questions without mocking them or kicking them out and now we’ve literally only seen on Joe Biden press conference and the sundowning president couldn’t even complete a sentence.

Instead of calling him out on his acceleration of deportations and the harsh conditions of the immigration centers that he promised to close, we keep hearing about his shitty dogs misbehaving.

The fuck am I supposed to do with this information?

Within his first 100 days, Biden dropped a bomb on Syria in an attempt to get back at Iranian militias that attacked an airport in Iraq where some American soldiers died. This maniac wants to start a war with Iran and is using the death of an American occupying Iraq as the catalyst.

Congress didn’t vote on the airstrike. There wasn’t even any real evidence that Iran was responsible for the attack in Iraq or that they were in Syria. Oh, and American soldiers shouldn’t even be in Iraq to begin with but wait what’s that? Biden’s dog bit the mailman?? That wacky son a gun.

He is in no way the worst president (yet). Andrew Jackson killed like, every Native American. There’s plenty of room for Joe to get worse. But the fact that there is zero scrutiny allowed seems…odd.

Biden has had one press conference since becoming president in January. He could hardly speak. No one worried about the president’s inability to physically function? No? We made fun of Trump for loving McDonald’s and his doctor saying he’s in perfect shape. Can we talk about Biden’s broken brain? No? Ok.

AOC described criticisms of Biden as “violence”. Literally all the stories are about his dogs and even his dogs are little assholes.

Anyone want to ask him about healthcare? Please? All of my teeth hurt.



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