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A New Presidential Candidate Emerged Last Night #KenBones2016

Last night’s presidential debate was a wash. Both candidates did a very good job of reminding the world why they aren’t fit to run a country. Hillary Clinton’s creepy condescending smile before every rebuttal was a weird strategy. Can’t imagine how that planning went. “Hey, Hill. Everyone thinks you’re a devil woman soo smile at weird inappropriate times like a super villain would.”

Donald Trump doesn’t use words correctly. I don’t necessarily need a president who understands the difference between adjectives and adverbs but it’d be nice I guess. Maybe a guy who doesn’t make up words like ‘unproud’.

Through all of the yelling and nonsense promises, a hero emerged. A Mr. Kenneth Bone AKA Ken Bones AKA Kenny Fucks.

Ken Bones looks like a living breathing Pixar character. He looks like every disgruntled post office employee who brings a gun in after the post office mistakenly takes vacations days away from him. He looks like the guy who sits next to you on a crowded subway and pulls out a disgusting egg salad and makes you smell like mayonnaise and egg yolk for the next 24 hours.

What does Ken do? Ken. Bones.



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