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Power Ranking The Top 7 College Football Quarterback Prospects Heading Into The 2019 NFL Draft

The quarterback position might be the most important position in all of sports. The quarterback you decided to draft can affect the status of your franchise for the next decade. Look at Cincinnati. They picked Andy Dalton and now they will be like, 8-8, until Dalton retires and Dalton will get his jersey retired.

Most teams today already have their quarterback so this year’s draft won’t be a mad rush to the top to get the best guy but shout out to the genius of the New York Giants to let every other team pick those bums last draft while they picked Saquon Barkley so that now in 2019 they’re pretty much the only team that needs a QB. *temple tap*

And BOO to that nerd Justin Herbert for deciding to return to Oregon for his senior year. Yes, I also prefer midterm exams over making millions of dollars.

Anyway, here are the 7 best quarterback prospects heading into the 2019 NFL Draft:

7. Ryan Finley

Ryan Finley has played college football for SIX years. My man will be collecting social security checks by the time he starts his first NFL game. Quick rule: don’t draft the QB that was playing college football on black and white televisions.

The point is to draft a young prospect that is affordable awhile you have control over his contract for the next decade. You don’t need to waste draft picks on savvy veterans that are the same age as the coaches.


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