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Power Ranking The Top 20 2018 MLB Free Agents

MLB free agency is upon us, apparently. Personally, I checked out of baseball when the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs but I’ve been told that the World Series is over. Not sure who won but regardless, let us look upon the offseason and speculate wildly.

There are a lot of rumors and there are a lot of players being misevaluated. I am here to give you the truth.


Here are the top 20 2018 MLB free agents:



20. Josh Donaldson

josh donaldson cleveland indians

I feel like I have to acknowledge Josh Donaldson to continue this facade that I have any credibility but I will continue to remind the world that I hate this man and I think he’s completely washed.

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There probablyyyy aren’t 19 better players available in free agency than Josh Donaldson but if this was a list of 200 players than I’d make Donaldson number 200. Please respect my consistency and pettiness. Thank you.


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