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Power Ranking The Top 10 Players in the 2018 NBA Draft That Will Have The Most Successful Careers

The 2018 NBA Draft is upon us. I’m not going to write up a mock draft because I can’t pretend to know what the Sacramento Kings are going to with the No.2 overall pick. They might trade it to the Golden State Warriors for JaVale McGee.

Instead, I’ll just rank these prospects individually based off of who I believe will have the most successful careers. Which of these guys are going to be All-Stars and NBA Champions?

Real quick, Mo Bamba is long and lanky and can make a bunch of wide open jumpers in an empty gymnasium 3 days for the draft. Cool. He’s going to stink. He isn’t Joel Embiid. He’s a guy who has no control of his limbs and I can literally hear his ACL screaming every time he lands.

Trae Young is balding in the most unusual way and refuses to just get a normal haircut. He’s already the least successful player coming into the league. He’s walking in with a gigantic L on his scalp. (I also think he’s going to have trouble getting separation from bigger stronger defenders in the NBA).

Here are the Top 10 players in the 2018 NBA Draft that will have the most successful careers:

10. DeAndre Ayton

DeAndre Ayton is absolutely jacked right now. He looks like if Patrick Ewing and Dwight Howard had a baby that grew in Barry Bond’s womb. Having said that, he seems like the type of guy who will get a max contract and never see the weight room again. He’s been getting the bag under the table since day one and once Phoenix starts dropping in those direct deposits wooo boy, Ayton’s going to be on a Yacht ignoring Devin Booker’s calls.

Honestly, I’m pretty hyped for Fat Ayton. Earlier this week he said that he and Booker are the next Shaq and Kobe which I interpreted to mean that he is going to be 400lbs by training camp and ‘play his way into shape’ just like the OG did. Actually, if Ayton becomes obese then slide him up to No. 1 on this list regardless of how quickly he blows out his knees.

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