Power Ranking The 7 Best Movies Coming To Netflix January 2019

There are so many good movies coming to Netflix next month. This never happens. Usually, I struggle to make a list of 7 movies but this time around, I actually had to leave movies out. I’m sorry to Ant-Man and the Wasp and Watchmen.

Anyway, here are the best movies coming to Netflix January 2019:

7. The Departed

The Departed is the most overrated movie ever made but if you watch it from the correct vantage point, it’s a fun ride. If you watch it expecting a Martin Scorcese masterpiece then get ready for bad accents, dumb plot holes and a 3 hour waste of time.

BUT, if you watch it knowing that Scorcese had no control over these asshole actors on set and that the coke on screen was probably real and that everyone was pretty much phoning it in for the paycheck, this is the perfect Netflix movie to kill time.

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Written by Deadseriousness

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