actors power ranking keanu reeves movies

Power Ranking Keanu Reeves Movies

Keanu Reeves stock could not be higher at the moment. John Wick 2 is the biggest movie in theatres. I mean, I have no idea if that’s actually true as far as the box office goes but what else is in theatres right now? Exactly. I’m sure it’s winning by default.

But people are back in love with Keanu and since I have nothing but free time, I’ve gone back a rewatched some classics.


Here are the definitive power rankings of Keanu Reeves movies.


6. The Matrix

To be honest, I didn’t want to put The Matrix on this list at all but most of Keanu Reeves’ movies are trash so I have no choice but to talk about this nonsense garbage movie. I’m not about to sit here and praise Devil’s Advocate so here we are.

I’ll say this, when I was a kid, I loved The Matrix. Bullet time was a game changer for sure. There were a lot of cool camera tricks and Neo doing extremely dope action things in this movie. I also think the red pill/blue pill opening sequence is iconic for sure.

However, everything in between the first and last scenes are sooo dry and try-hard smart. It’s like taking a Philosophy 101 course at a community college except you only talk about Rene Descartes in such ‘depth’ that it just all becomes gibberish.

Just have Neo and Mr. Anderson fight a bunch. Also, how disgusting does the world of Zion look? I mean, I know it’s not supposed to be paradise but there wasn’t a set designer to be like ‘hey, um, maybe we should make this place at least a little bit memorable or interesting? No? Just more random tubes, pipes and generic gray shit? Got it.’


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