power ranking all 30 nba teams

Power Ranking All 30 NBA Teams Based on Who Will Be The Most Exciting To Watch This Season

The NBA is the most fun sport to consume in the world. There is nonstop action and unlike the NFL, your favorite players aren’t battling life-shortening CTE and slapping their spouses around like Captain America knocking punching bags in half.

But obviously there are more watchable teams than others. Everyone get NBA League Pass and join me as we stay up til 2am and watch the Orlando Magic and the Phoenix Suns battle. Loser has to sign Elfrid Payton to the max.

Here are the power rankings of all 30 NBA teams based on who will be the most exciting to watch this season:


30. Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets finished last season 11th in the Eastern Conference and decided that that was exactly where they want to be because they brought back the same exact roster without making any real changes.

You have to be a real psychopath to want to see Tony Parker pull a hamstring in a Hornets jersey.

Can’t wait to see Michael Kidd-Gilchrist out there doing god knows what. Yo, this team is absolutely unwatchable. If Jeremy Lamb walked up to me in the street I’d say ‘I’m sorry my dude, I don’t have any change on me’ before I step around him holding my breath.

Kemba Walker’s handles are the saving grace but I cannot imagine sitting down for two hours to watch Frank Kaminsky play basketball. P.U.

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