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Power Ranking All 30 NBA Teams Based Off Who Had The Best 2018 Offseason

The NBA Offseason is the best part of the year. Mainly because it’s the summer but also because of Woj bombs left and right. Midnight free agency and the NBA Draft are life.


Here are the power rankings for all 30 NBA teams based off who had the best 2018 offseason:

30. Philadelphia 76ers

markelle fultz

It’s insane to me how little the 76ers organization, post-Same Hinkie, has no idea how to put an NBA roster together and it happens to go under the radar because they slept walked into Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid but look at the team they’ve put around their stars. Maybe sign like, ONE fucking guard.

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I suppose you can’t really blame the 76ers for having a slow offseason when they had to fire their GM because he spent all of his free time on burner accounts shit talking his star players on Twitter. Actually nevermind, the 76ers should’ve hired a GM by now. Nope, they suck and it’s no one else’s fault but their own.


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