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Playboi Carti’s ‘Die Lit’ Is a Master Class On How To Make Great Music Without Really Saying or Knowing Any Words

Magnolia is one of the best rap songs ever made. “In New York I Milly Rock, Hide it in my sock” anddd then a bunch of mumbling and repeating ‘Young Carti Young Carti’.

Fast forward to 2018 and the rapper from Atlanta has taken mumble rap to its next form. Die Lit is an hour long Dopamine rush that makes me want to hump and hit everyone and everything in my eyesight the second I hear ‘Yo Pierre, you want to come in here?’ for the first time.

Die Lit is the type of album you play on Friday at 5pm as you leave work before you text everyone in your contacts ‘let’s get drunk tonight’ and any response back that comes remotely close to a ‘no’ is the end of that friendship.

Die Lit is the type of album that you have blasting in your headphones as you’re walking through 7-Eleven and of course, you’d never steal. We’re trying to have a society out here. You know right from wrong. You’re no monster but like, then you hear Young Thug chant ‘Choppa Won’t Miss a Nigga’ and you think to yourself ‘okay, I’m gonna just take these Pringles’.

Yes sure, Playboi Carti is often times hard to understand and doesn’t know many words outside of ‘bitch’ but he’s not a fool. He is fully aware of the criticisms of his work and addresses that pretty early on in R.I.P. where he says ‘Fuck that mumblin’ shit, bought that crib for my mama off that mumblin’ shit. Made a mil’ off that, uh, off that mumblin’ shit’ and I’m waving my handkerchief in the air above my head shouting ‘TALK THAT SHIT CARTI’.

Also have to shout out the producer, Pi’erre Bourne, for making these Nintendo 64 loading screen beats mixed with like MGMT B-Sides and some snares. And no one raps better on these Star Fox/Metroid Prime beats better than Carti. All I want to do is play Zelda and listen to Die Lit thanks to Pi’erre.

There are many forms of mumble rap but no artist has mastered the craft like Playboi Carti has and I’m not convinced this is his final form. He might drop another album next year with his mouth wired shut just inaudibly saying ‘fuck yo bitch’ over and over again on top of Pi’erre’s Donkey Kong Country beats and I wouldn’t have it any other way.








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