PJ Tucker Played Game 7 After Getting 3 Root Canals Earlier That Day and Didn’t Tell Any of His Teammates

What Happened?

Michael Jordan flu game was cute or whatever but can we talk about the PJ Tucker root canal game??


Is PJ Tucker deserve the 2018 MVP Award?

I think James Harden is going to win the MVP award unanimously and it’s a regular season award. The results of the playoffs should not affect the MVP voting. But like, PJ Tucker is obviously the best player on the Rockets now, right?

Three root canals in the AM, 12 points and 14 rebounds in Game 7 that night. If you want to talk about the Houston Rockets choke job where they missed 27 straight 3-pointers, you better leave Tucker’s name out of your mouth. My man was out there drooling all over himself rolling off valium just trying to stay on his feet.

Waaaah, Chris Paul’s hamstring hurts. PJ Tucker can’t feel his face. Numb head to toe and still ripped 4 steals away from Golden State. Tucker is the best player on the Rockets and probably the best player in the league not named LeBron James.

Tucker was created in a lab to play postseason basketball. He is Wolverine. He is a mutant who was experimented on his entire life and was unleashed like a rabid animal to ruin Kevin Durant’s life. Tucker is out here with zero teeth in his mouth gnawing on Draymond Green while boxing out.

Tucker is the MVP of the league. LeBron is pretty good too or whatever.



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