I Think I Fell In Love With This Pittsburgh Pirates Ball Girl

Oh my heart eyes emoji. Did you see those quick hands? The cat-like reflexes. The anticipation. The range. The poise. I think I just fell in love with the Pittsburgh Pirates ball girl and I don’t care who knows it.

First we had the angry Pirates fan from the beginning of the season, now we have the Pirates ball girl out there winning some Gold Glove award votes. I may have to watch a few games live at PNC Park. You never know what you’re going to see there. You may even see a baseball game in the background of all the real actions in the stands.

How does one approach a ball girl? Do I just sit down the third base line and hope a foul ball comes my way. She definitely going to hand the ball off to a little kid, right? The only way to get a ball girl’s attention has to be to catch a foul ball and then hand it off to her as if she was the lucky fan. There’s a free pro tip for all you creeps out there looking to pick up teenagers.

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