Philadelphia Phillies Sign Andrew McCutchen So Just Hand Them Their World Series Rings Now

The MLB Winter Meetings have just begun and the Philadelphia Phillies have already won the offseason and the 2019 World Series. Every go home. You blew it. The best player is gone.

Andrew McCutchen is a 5-time All-Star amd the 2013 National League MVP. Last season he batted .255 with 20 bombs and 65 RBIs and he played so well after being traded to the New York Yankees at the trade deadline that he completely replaced Brett Gardner in left field.

The Phillies will automatically throw McCutchen in as the third batter in their lineup right ahead of Rhys Hoskins as he becomes their best hitter on day one. Meanwhile, the Yankees decided not to bring him back because they ‘already have 6 outfielders’ according to Brian Cashman.

The Philadelphia Phillies are going straight to the World Series and no one can tell me otherwise.

sidenote: this has to take Philly out of the Bryce Harper race, right? Which means there’s a better chance he’s a Yankee?? Checkers, meet chess.





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