Philadelphia Eagles Tried To Campaign To End Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Games

Before we shit on the Eagles for being the cops, we should probably take a step back and recognize that there’s really no reason why Detroit and Dallas play on Thanksgiving every year other than the fact that they have done it for a long time sooo…tradition?

I’ve already written in the past that Dallas is no longer America’s team. The generation that grew up worshipping the Cowboys have become middle-aged weirdos and their children don’t give a shit about Dak Prescott and the boys losing in the first round every other year.

Please list off all the reasons why Detroit plays every year. No, I’ll wait.

*3 days later*

Have you ever watched a Detroit Lions game? EVER? Whether it’s Matty Stafford or it’s Joey Harrington or it’s Rodney Peete, no one wants to see this team while we begrugingly sit in our Aunt’s house as our annoying ass cousin talks about his new car or whatever.

That being said, why are the Philadelphia Eagles complaining about the Cowboys playing a home game on Thanksgiving? They’re aware that at some point they’re going to have to go on the road and play in Dallas every season, right? Why does it matter that sometimes, it might be on Thanksgiving? What advantage does that give Dallas?

I guess the point I’m making is that it doesn’t matter who plays on Thanksgiving or where they play. Just don’t be a cop.




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