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Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach and Gigantic Dweeb, Doug Pederson, Is Upset That He Didn’t Get To Go To The White House

What Happened?

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson had the unenviable job of addressing his team’s canceled trip to the White House on Wednesday morning. Or, better put, the job of not addressing it.

“I was looking forward to going down, obviously,” a bothered Pederson told assembled reporters in Philadelphia. “You know, we did something last season that was very special. It’s a milestone here in the city of Philadelphia, our organization and I was looking forward to going down and being recognized as world champions. So, it is what it is, we’re here today, got an OTA practice, I’m focused on the next couple of days, getting through next week and onto training camp. So, that’s where we’re at.

(NY Post)


Doug Pederson’s team decided they weren’t going to participate in a photo-op with Donald Trump. Donald Trump found out that the Eagles weren’t coming so he decided to uninvite them from his house. Now Doug Pederson, the next day, is like ‘I kinda wanted to go to the White House tho…’

Is Doug Pederson a loser for wanting to visit the White House?

Let me quickly defend Pederson before I shit all over him in a moment. Doug Pederson is a 50-year old (white) man. He grew up believing in the government and the institution of the presidency. Imagine how cool it would’ve been for him to walk around the halls of the White House after winning the Super Bowl. All of the history of this fine country. Single tear drop.

Welllll, all the shit is gone now when we elected a TV ‘star’ who straight up hates brown people and women. The Eagles roster is full of players who are woke enough to openly discuss their criticisms of the President’s actions in a thoughtful and concise way and they determined it would be in their best interest to not show up to the White House in what would appear to be a public co-signing of his bullshit.

So it’s weird for their coach to then say ‘I know I know, it’s weird for my black players but like, I still really wanted to go’. That’s your coach? Couldn’t be mine. Pat Shurmur seems like the type of cat who would take a knee with Olivier Vernon just to squeeze an extra couple of sacks and a forced fumble out of his star pass rusher.

Also, Donald Trump has used the NFL as his little toy to rile up his base about the National Anthem or the troops or whatever. From the NFL’s perspective, Trump is Danaerys Targaryen demanding them to bend the knee, ironically I suppose, and Doug Pederson and the NFL bent the knee immediately leaving their players out on their own to get burned by the dragons.

Did that Game of Thrones reference make sense? I took a real walk there. Played some jazz on that.

Anyway, Doug Pederson is a loser. That’s the point I am making.




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