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Philadelphia Eagles Franchise Tagging Nick Foles Would Save The New York Giants Franchise

Fansided’s Jason Cole suggests that the belief within the Eagles front office is that if Foles hits free agency, the Giants would dump Eli Manning, and sign the MVP of Super Bowl LII to replace him.

Tuesday, the Eagles informed Foles that they were picking up his $20 million option. Shortly thereafter, Foles told the Eagles he plans to buy his way into free agency by paying the team $2 million.

The one remaining option the Eagles have to control Foles’ offseason destination is to slap him with the franchise tag, so they could trade him and keep him away from either the Giants or Washington. (Source)

Lol at the Philadelphia Eagles essentially saving the New York Giants from themselves by potentially slapping the franchise tag on Foles and preventing him from signing anywhere he wants.

Normally, I am extremely anti-franchise tag as it takes all freedom away from NFL players but in this particular case, thank you Philadelphia for disrespecting the only quarterback who ever gave your rotting city a championship.

For Giants fans that would prefer to have Nick Foles as next year’s starting quarterback as opposed to Eli Manning, be dumb less.

The Giants have $27 million in cap space going into free agency and they already have Eli Manning making a huge chunk of it. There are so many holes in the roster that the idea of adding another QB that you’ll have to pay a large sum of money to instead of using that cap space to repair the defense and offensive line is insanity.

Worst case scenario, the Giants draft Dwayne Haskins and start him Week 1. Best case scenario, the Giants draft Dwayne Haskins and start him Week 1. Notice how zero of those options included signing Carson Wentz’s backup.

The success that Nick Foles had during that playoff run will never be duplicated. We’ve seen this before. Joe Flacco had a historic run in 2012 and then the Ravens gave him all the money that his bank would allow him to hold andddd Flacco’s been mediocre even since.

So yes, give Nick Foles franchise tags until the end of time. Trade him to any team not in the NFC East. Thank you, Philadelphia for saving the Giants from making another bad decision.




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