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Phil Nevin Needs To Bat Clean Up For The Yankees in the Boston Red Series This Weekend

The New York Yankees lost 5-7 to the Baltimore Orioles in a final score that appears way closer than the game actually was. Sonny Gray threw beach balls at the Orioles minor league batting lineup and the defense, most notably Gleyber Torres, was lazy and unattentive.

So third base coach, Phil Nevin, went into the dugout during the rain delay and screamed in the team’s face. While the team is playing like they’ve already clinched the AL East, Phil Nevin seems to be the only guy in pinstripes who realizes that all of these games matter.

Nevin had a BAT back in his playing days. His career WAR is 15.9. Aaron Hicks’s career WAR is 9.1. I’m not saying that Nevin would be the best hitter on the team but with Aaron Judge nursing a wrist injury and a huge series against the Boston Red Sox coming, would you rather have Shane Robinson playing right field from the infield dirt watching fly balls land over his head play after play or would you rather have Nevin as the designated hitter, who once hit 41 homers and 126 RBIs in 2001.

Phil Nevin actually cares if the Yankees win or loss and he might be the only one right now that does. I’d rather see Nevin get like, 20 at-bats this weekend than Neil Walker.

Gary Sanchez is batting .188 and walking to first base on a ground ball like he sent a ‘wyd’ text to a chick and he’s killing time waiting for her to answer. In Phil Nevin’s last season as a full-time starter playing for the Texas Rangers in 2006, he hit .239 with 22 bombs and 68 RBIs.

I know for a fact Nevin could get at least two homers off David Price. Unleash Phil Nevin.



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