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Phil Jackson is Living His Best Life After Being Fired By the New York Knicks

I will be watching this motherfucker like a hawk after his heist of the Knicks. This guy made $60 million running the Knicks to the ground and alienating every Knicks fan and player on his way out. Every move he makes, I’ll be watching.

Look at this son of a bitch on vacation now just playing in cash. Phil Jackson is a villain and I totally wouldn’t be upset if he pulled a Joe Paterno and just immediately died after being caught in a scandal. At this point, I’ll settle for a Bill Cosby where you wake up blind because karma.

But nope, Jackson is probably going to live forever forcing the triangle offense down people’s throats. At least I can enjoy the fact that Jeannie Buss for sure has slept with Magic Johnson while Jackson was napping at a draft workout.

Stay tuned for more Phil Jackson watching because what else am I going to do? Watch the Knicks? laugh out loud.



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