Is Phil Jackson Ruining Carmelo Anthony’s Trade Stock?

“Phil made a statement basically that Carmelo’s a losing type of player. Well, if he’s a loser for the Knicks, he’s going to be a winner someplace else? That obviously didn’t help,” an Eastern Conference executive told Fred Kerber of the New York Post.

Another executive said Jackson’s public comments have harmed¬†Anthony’s trade value “tremendously.”

Jackson has publicly said Anthony would be better off on a different team than the Knicks, preferably one where he could compete for a title. The former championship-winning coach has acknowledged the Knicks are nowhere near that level at the moment. 

(Bleacher Report)

It’s safe to say that Phil Jackson is the worst executive in the NBA. He essentially lives on a completely different coast from the team he’s in charge of running and does 0% of the scouting needed to improve the roster.

He watches maybe 6 Knicks games a year and then shits on the only player on the team that actually wants to wear a Knicks uniform.[1. Even Ron Baker wouldn’t mind a change of scenery.] He hasn’t watched a full season of basketball since maybe 2008 and that’s clear when he signs guys like Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah 5 years too late.

Phil Jackson wakes up in the morning, rips a bong and texts various reporters just random insults about Carmelo before going through an old scrapbook of his former relationship with Jeanie Buss. [2. Love hurts.]What does he have to live for anymore besides destroying Carmelo Anthony?

But is Phil Jackson ruining Carmelo Anthony’s trade value?

No. No, Carmelo Anthony has ruined Carmelo Anthony’s trade value. Let’s remember, he is the guy on the court consistently losing. This year’s playoffs have revealed a lot about the NBA’s top talents. Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook are dragging bums to the playoffs[3. Shout out LaMarcus and Steven Adams.] and Carmelo can’t win with Kristaps Porzingis. Yikes.

I don’t blame Carmelo for the Knicks failings but I certainly do not excuse him from their awful seasons. I don’t think anything Phil Jackson said has suddenly changed NBA GM’s opinions of what they thought of Carmelo. He didn’t open any eyes. We’ve all seen him play.

If anything, Jackson cutting a WWF promo[4. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS] on Melo was just his asshole way of making sure Carmelo waives his no-trade clause. It definitely worked. Will Melo be on the Knicks next season? Who knows? But Phil Jackson will be here forever to make sure that he’s gone.

I love my team.[5. I’m crying.]




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