Peyton Manning’s Career is Over

So Peyton Manning is garbage and his career is over. After playing like trash for nearly the entire 2015 NFL season, Peyton Manning has officially been benched for Brock Osweiler. That should be amazing news for any and all Denver Bronces fans as Peyton Manning is the worst quarterback in the NFL. His career is over.

Last night, Manning passed the all-time NFL record in passing yards. He then went on to throw 4 interceptions and was benched for Osweiler. Peyton Manning has thrown 9 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. It’s literally his worse season since he was a rookie. He currently has the arm strength of a snake. But of course the excuse train came rolling in literally hours after his benching.

It’s super interesting that after every bad game Peyton plays, a report leaks out that he has some unique injury that he’s been playing with just fine up until the point he has a game in which he throws 4 interceptions. Ben Roethlisberger has been injured nonstop this season and he played an amazing game yesterday after his backup got hurt. It’s the NFL. Everyone is hurt. But nope, let’s continue to coddle Peyton as if he isn’t a man quickly approaching 40 years of age.


Peyton Manning’s career is over. It happens. He holds every record in the book. Good for him. I mean, I can say with complete confidence that I do not consider him in the Top 5 of all-time quarterbacks but he’s a hall-of-famer nonetheless and again, good for him.

The Brock Osweiler era begins now. John Elways reincarnated. Good luck, AFC. Brock is ready to suplex everyone who stands in between him and the endzone. Goodspeed.


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