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Pete Alonso is What The Yankees Are Pretending Luke Voit Is

Pete Alonso was such an automatic run producer that the Mets ignored the service time rules that would have given them one more year of contractual control over Alonso if they started him in the minor leagues for 12 days.

Alonso made the opening day roster and now he’s making history. The season is early, but he’s batting .385 with 15 hits, 14 RBIs, 5 homers in just 10 games.

He is listed at 6-foot-3 and 245 pounds. The hulking first baseman is my favorite player in sports. Growing up watching Jason Giambi come back every season twice as large as he was the season before has spoiled me. Pete Alonso fits that mold perfectly. And he doesn’t even need Mark McGwire’s drug connect.

Pete Alonso is 2nd in the league in barreled balls which according to fan graphs is a nerdy way of saying that he is hitting the ball really fucking hard.

It’s impossible to not compare him to the other hulking first baseman in New York, Luke Voit, he is the clean-up hitter for the Yankees batting behind Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, also two monsters.

The most noticble difference between these two men is their ability to make contact and the type of contact they make. Luke Voit is batting .195 with 8 hits in 41 at-bats. It’s all or nothing when he swings. He doesn’t have a particularly great eye for pitches and there is no shortening of his swing. It’s home run or bust for Voit.

Pete Alonso is more of an Aaron Judge type. He hits lasers and line drives everywhere. Even his home runs just ricochet off his bat and land directly into the bleachers while Voit hits massive bombs that interrupt airplane traffic because they fly so high into the stratosphere.

Alonso is a gift to baseball. He can spray balls all over the outfield and hit balls that smash windshields in the parking lot. Luke Voit might be the next Chris Davis which is the meanest thing I’ve ever written and I’ve written this.

Luke Voit has 9 career multi hit games in pinstripes. He’s had multiple hits 9 times in 63 games including the playoffs. Pete Alonso has 6 multi hits games THIS SEASON. HE’S PLAYED 10 GAMES.

Are we sure Luke Voit is a great baseball player or is he just a gym rat that likes to take chicks out on dates to the batting cages so he can show off how strong he is or whatever?

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