Personally, I Would Not Have Signed The Rapist

The Sunday night football game between the New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was an amazing viewing experience for anyone who enjoys seeing bad things happen to bad people.

The Saints pounded the Bucs 38-3 in a final score that wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as the game actually was. The Saints were up 31-0 going in the half. Laugh out loud. Tampa Bay started the game with 4 straight 3 and outs. 12 plays. No first downs. 4 punts. Trash.

Such a shame that the heroic inspiring return of wide receiver Antonio Brown was tarnished by this blowout loss. Brown had just 3 catches for 31 yards. Awesome. What a transcendent performance that Tampa Bay simply could not pass up on. They truly needed those 31 yards and was absolutely worth bringing in the objective worst human in the NFL.

Antonio Brown is currently in the midst of a civil suit following the alleged sexual assault of his former trainer Britney Taylor. There are some people who believe Brown was out of the league because he was mean to Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh or because he refused to play in Oakland with a new helmet but no, it’s because he was accused of rape and then texts were released of him threatening the victim so New England had to cut him.

But he’s back, babyyy!! Even though we still don’t even have a final verdict on the rape case and even though he spent his year off from the NFL being an absolute asshole but he said he’s a better person in a pre-game press conference that doesn’t matter so he deserves the privilege of playing in the NFL again.

During the SNF broadcast sideline reporter, Michelle Tafoya, said that Bucs head coach told her he “saw a more mature person than the one he coached in Pittsburgh and thought [Brown] deserved a second chance.” Ok. Reminder: Antonio Brown is a rapist.

Tampa Bay was rolling heading into Sunday night winning 3 straight games including a 38-10 rout of the Green Bay Packers. They were atop the NFC South. Tom Brady was looking like an MVP candidate. They were the best team in the conference.

Some people, like myself, would argue maybe when you are having an ideal season you shouldn’t go out of your way to sign a rapist who you don’t even need because you already have the best offensive weapons in the league and if Chris Godwin is out with a finger injury then you uh, just wait for his fucking finger to heal and you don’t drop a nuclear bomb onto your practice facility solely due to the fact that Tom Brady enjoys having sleepovers with him knowing damn well he hasn’t really played in 2 years and he has court in the AM for SEXUAL ASSAULT.

This whole thing stinks.

AB is a potential Hall of Famer and could very well still be in his prime so none of his ‘off-field issues’ will ever upset anyone enough to truly punish him for his actions. He will always have phone calls to come play regardless of how poorly he treats other humans.

Losing a blowout game wasn’t some example of ‘karma’. The man still got paid to play football. The results of the game don’t matter. Teams lose every week. So what? It is frustrating as fuck seeing people week in and week out pretend to care about real issues that truly negatively affect people’s lives and the second they are faced with the opportunity to actually back up their performative good-guy shit they instantly evaporate and show that they do not believe in anything.

Fuck the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fuck Antonio Brown, the rapist.




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