Pepper Potts Might Return in Spider-Man: Homecoming

While this report hasn’t been confirmed, Lainey Gossip reports that, since Gwyneth Paltrow’s contract with Marvel has expired, Sony Pictures had to pay the actress, which has reportedly become a “problem” for the studio, with the studio experiencing some “sticker shock” in regards to how much they’re having to shell out for this joint production with Marvel Studios. The report claims that Marvel would have to “pay out the nose” to bring Gwyneth Paltrow back under a new contract, so her salary was paid by Sony instead. Still, there is no confirmation from either studio that Pepper Potts is coming back.

(Movie Web)

I’m not sure why Marvel Studios and Sony believe that Pepper Potts is so integral to the plot but if Gweyneth Paltrow is demanding billions of dollars, just move on. I have no attachment to her character is she is a huge reason why I think Iron Man 3 was trash.

You can easily just kill her off and move on like she never even happened. I’m not sure why Gweyneth Paltrow thinks she deserves to be making Robert Downey Jr. dollars but Pepper Potts is a tertiary character in the comics.

Iron Man is the most famous person literally on the entire planet. I’d rather he start banging Hawkeye’s wife than bring back Pepper Potts. Also, how hilarious would it be if Hawkeye returned to his little cabin after beating Thanos and Tony Stark was humping his wife.



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