People Are Internet Mad Because Karen Gillan is Half Naked in Jumanji

So at first glance, it is kind of strange that Karen Gillan is dressed like a hoe for this children’s movie. I don’t quite remember the wardrobe of the original Robin Williams adventure but I think there were significantly less bimbos.

At the end of the day, sex sells. How do you replace a Robin Williams? The Rock + half naked Karen Gillan and you’ve come dangerously close to me forgetting who Robin Williams even was.

Will this new Jumanji reboot be good? Probably not. Last time Jack Black starred in a movie reboot was in that shitty King Kong movie that desperately needed comic relieve but nope, Jack Black was the super serious villain. Great casting there.

Anyway, people getting internet mad about things is my favorite thing ever and it’s completely unwarranted here because I have a feeling that this movie is going to be super self aware and acknowledge the fact that she’s dressed like a hussy.

I’ll probably still end up taking a girl to see this movie, spending close to $40 for us both only to have that be our first and last date. My life is interesting in all the wrong ways.





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