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People Are Now Mad At Odell Beckham Because He Went To The Bathroom in the Middle of a Game

Every single thing Odell Beckham Jr. does becomes a headline. On Monday night, Odell walked into the locker room in the middle of the 4th quarter to urinate and Booger McFarland called him a ‘diva’ and explained how back in the day, he used to just pee wherever he wanted to on the sidelines.

The Monday Night Football broadcast is the worst presentation in sports. Joe Tessitore is constantly yelling no matter what the situation is. There could be a rushing play up the middle for a 1-yard gain and Tessitore is standing on his desk shouting about it.

Jason Witten talks as if he’s afraid of talking. Whenever they show Witten and Tessitore in the booth, Witten’s hands are shaking like he’s going through withdrawals.

It’s almost as if immediately taking someone off a football field and dropping them into a broadcast booth with zero job experience isn’t the best idea. You can’t even work a minimum wage job at Walmart right now unless you already have prior experience working a minimum wage job at some other Walmart first but nope, give Jason Witten the keys to the most popular car on television.

And get Booger McFarland out of here. If I hear him refer to himself in the third person as ‘boog’ one more time, I’m done watching football for the rest of time. I mean, I’m one Eli Manning sack away from quitting football already so I’m kind of just looking for reasons to stop watching the New York Giants lose every week.




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