People Are Mad Online Because Vanity Fair Said Hillary Clinton Should Drop Politics and Take Up Knitting (Even Though She Should Drop Politics and Take Up Knitting)

Vanity Fair got pummeled with angry tweets Wednesday after its “Hive” blog published a snarky video it called “Six New Year’s Resolutions for Hillary Clinton.”

The one-minute segment, which featured various VF reporters holding flutes of champagne, riffed on what the failed presidential nominee might do next year instead of politics.

Hive blogger Maya Kossoff suggested Clinton take up a new hobby: “volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy — literally anything that will keep you from running again.”

The blowback was swift, with Hillary supporters including celebrities, media and political types firing off more than 30,000 tweets, many of them under the hashtag “#CancelVanityFair.”

(NY Post)

Whoa, first of all, Hillary Clinton should never run for president again and should get a new hobby. Second, this Vanity Fair clip is clearly just a joke so let’s all chill with the ‘STOP TELLING WOMEN WHAT TO DO’ nonsense. Homegirl blew a 3-1 lead and let the least qualified candidate ever dunk on her on Election night.

This ‘outrage’ has nothing to do with the fact that we all know that this old lady would probably be a beast at knitting if she sat down and applied herself. People are still upset that they put all of their eggs in her basket and they lost everything to a man who honestly doesn’t care if any of us live or die.

The wound is still raw, even though it happened a year ago. I get that. But as someone who writes lame ass jokes all day, this VF clip is kidding. Deep breaths. Let’s not take our frustrations out on anyone or anything that pokes fun at Hillary. She’s not this perfect woman who was going to save us from ourselves. She cared about black people the way that sickle cell cares about black people.

Also shout out to people saying ‘well Bernie Sanders lost too so why aren’t you telling a man to go knit’. 1. Bernie couldn’t get out of the primaries. That’s like making fun of Rick Santorum. Just because you fill out the paperwork to run for president doesn’t mean you have a chance at winning. It was Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump and Bernie was a cute little meme on the side. 2. Bernie Sanders doesn’t have the steady hand to knit or patience to knit.

At the end of the day, Hillary Clinton should drop politics and take up knitting.







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