Paul McCartney and John Lennon Used To Fap Together and Yell Out Girl’s Name To Help Them Finish

What Happened?

Paul McCartney is detailing some wild sex stories from his days in The Beatles, including a group masturbation session with bandmate John Lennon.

“What it was, was over at John’s house, and it was just a group of us,” he explained in a new interview with GQ. “And instead of just getting roaring drunk and partying—I don’t even know if we were staying over or anything—we were all just in these chairs, and the lights were out, and somebody started masturbating, so we all did.”

McCartney, 76, went on to say there were about five guys in the group, including himself and Lennon. They were encouraged to shout names that would help with their mission.

(NY Post)


This is the point of my career that I hope to get to one day. Being in my mid-70’s giving a GQ interview about JOing with my buddies back in the day. That’s the goal. Becoming so successful that you can be like ‘One time at a party I got super drunk and took my dick out. We all did. Not a woman in sight. Just 5 dudes with their dicks outs sitting in the dark furiously masturbating and shouting out girl’s names’.


Remember earlier this year when Quincy Jones gave those weird ass GQ interviews claiming to have slept with Ivanka Trump and that he like, created the guitar? It is now a rite of passage for old musicians to come out of the clouds and tell us about their genitals.

Who asked for this?

Let John Lennon live. You know what I mean by that. Don’t add ‘Used to beat off with Paul at parties’ to his resume now. Also, who are those other 3 guys there with their pants at their ankles fapping with half of The Beatles.

I’m really going to enjoy Beatles music in a new way now knowing that Paul and John had to wipe each other’s fluids off of themselves. That’s how you make Strawberry Fields. That intimacy. That shame.



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