Paul Manafort is Fuuuuuuuucked

A few years before he became Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, longtime Republican political operative Paul Manafort went on a spending spree with money funneled through a network of offshore bank accounts, a federal indictment unsealed Monday alleges.

He bought a $1.5 million brownstone in a trendy New York neighborhood, and a $1.9 million home in Arlington, Va. He paid for three Range Rovers and a Mercedes-Benz, landscaping at his Hamptons getaway, and pricey improvements at his house in Palm Beach, Fla.

In all, out of more than $75 million that flowed through the offshore accounts, more than $18 million was “laundered,” with income concealed from the U.S. government, and was used in part to cover Manafort’s “lavish lifestyle,” the indictment says.

The indictment of the refined and impeccably dressed former campaign chairman detailed an alleged scheme in which foreign clients paid millions in exchange for Manafort’s consulting services. Manafort’s lawyer, Kevin Downing, rebutted the charges Monday, saying Manafort was not seeking to launder funds.

(Washington Post)

Paul Manafort is fuuuucked. Manafort was straight up getting direct deposits from Vladimir Putin directly and he’s been flaunting it for years. $18 MILLION from Russia’s pockets. Not even under the table. On top of the table. In plain view. It’s shocking it took this long to get Manafort in handcuffs.

If you don’t think this is a big deal and it’s an isolated incident, you are mistaken. The FBI doesn’t want to arrest Manafort for money laundering. Do you know how many rich old white dudes are cooking the books right this second? All of them.

What makes Manafort special is that he work directly with Donald Trump and potentially helped put some Russia money in Trump’s pockets as well which means he can plead guilty and go to jail for the rest of eternity orrrr he can flip on Trump and snitch about Russia basically stealing the election from Hillary Clinton.

Regardless, Paul Manafort stands no chance. Treason seems like a prettyyy serious charge. Shout out to Russia out her slinging these checks to anyone who supports Trump. Dear Putin, plz send money. I will turn Deadseriousness into a Make America Great Again blog so quick.





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