Paul Manafort Is Facing 305 Years in Prison

Paul Manafort could face the rest of his life — and almost 300 years or more — in prison, a federal judge said Tuesday.

“Given the nature of the charges against the defendant and the apparent weight of the evidence against him, defendant faces the very real possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison,” federal judge T.S. Ellis III of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia wrote Tuesday.

Manafort, 68, has been under similar home arrest and bail conditions for a separate case in Washington, DC, federal court that was filed in late October.

Manafort faces a maximum of 305 years in prison if found guilty on all charges in Virginia.
On tax charges he faces in Virginia alone, his likely sentence would be eight years, prosecutors said in a previous court filing. He also faces nine charges of bank fraud and bank fraud conspiracy, which each carry a maximum 30 years in prison, for 270 years maximum.

In the DC case, Manafort faces a likely sentence of 15 years to 20 years in prison if convicted there on five total conspiracy charges and foreign lobbying violations.



305 years in prison is a long time, I think. Count to 305 right now. Guarantee you stop around like, 20.

Paul Manafort is going to prison for 305 years. Sure, he would only be alive for about 15 of those years max but they should leave his bones in that cell until all 305 years are up.

But Manafort can get out of this whole situation if he makes a plea deal with the Robert Mueller investigation and reveals everything he knows about Donald Trump and his relationship with Russia.

Personally, I’m starting to think that Trump didn’t actually collude with Russia during his campaign or at least didn’t do it knowingly. Trump is an open book. We literally all heard him bragging about grabbing women by the pussy. Can’t imagine a world where he isn’t constantly talking about how he paid Vladimir Putin to help him beat Hillary Clinton so I’m not sure what Manafort can say to keep him out of prison here.

It really looks like Manafort went out on his own and committing his own personal financial treason to line his pockets and he happened to be working with Trump but maybe he used Trump as a jumping off point to swell his own bank account.

That previous statement is me trying to convince myself that Manafort acted alone because even if he did work with Trump, there seems to be zero consequences to any of Trump’s actions and nothing that comes out of this Mueller investigation will affect anything because YOU GUYS voted for him and we’re all going to die.

305 years. Laugh out loud.






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