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Paul Goldschmidt Explaining Why He Switched To No. 46 Makes Me Feel Better About The New York Yankees Not Trading For Him

What Happened?

After he wore No. 44 for many years with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Goldschmidt will be switching to No. 46 in St. Louis. As Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch notes, Goldschmidt chose that number simply because it was the closest one to 44 that was available. No. 45 is retired for former Cy Young winner Bob Gibson, and No. 44 is currently worn by pitcher Luke Gregerson, who threw 12.2 innings for the Cards last year and posted a 7.11 ERA.

Goldschmidt said he would never ask another player for a jersey number, which is uncommon for a veteran player in any professional sports league. He also noted that he only wore No. 44 with the Diamondbacks because it was hanging in his locker when he got there.



Paul Goldschmidt might be the best first baseman in Major League Baseball outside of maybe Joey Votto or Freddie Freeman. The Yankees clearly had a hole at that position after Greg Bird forgot how to play baseball. This season we will all find out if Luke Voit just got hot last season or if his end of year success can be replicated.

The Yankees seem like they’re afraid to spend money all of a sudden so they didn’t make a move for Goldschmidt and instead, the St. Louis Cardinals stepped in and acquired the perennial MVP candidate.


Goldschmidt is now changing his number from 44 to 46 because he doesn’t want to make Luke Gregerson change his number even though Gregerson had a 7.11 ERA last season and isn’t even good enough to be on the roster.

This is a sigh of relief.

I really thought that throwing his bat in the middle of the Yankees lineup would guarantee them a World Series ring but it turns out, Goldschmidt is a little vagina who is afraid to ask for his number.

I want savage bloodthirsty hitting machines. I want killers. I want a clubhouse full of sociopaths like Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees have enough nice guys on the roster. We don’t need Didi Gregorius and Aaron Judge smiling and being kind and losing in the playoffs. Get more assholes on this team.

Sign Manny Machado.




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