Paul George Can’t Stop Being a Weirdo

Paul George doesn’t appear in the news often but when he does, it’s usually some weird shit he’s saying or doing.

My favorite Paul George story is when he got a stripper pregnant. Then paid for her to get the abortion. She did not get the abortion. And then like a year later, he got the same stripper pregnant again.

Weirdo life.

After the sudden tragic loss of Kobe Bryant last week, players across the league decided one-by-one to change their jersey numbers from No. 24 or No. 8 in order to honor the late superstar.

Well, everyone was planning on moving away from those numbers except for the aforementioned weirdo…


This is the man who went out of his way to call himself ‘Playoff P’ a week before he shot 40% from the field and was handcuffed by Joe Ingles and the Utah Jazz. The Thunder would lose in the first round to Mitt Romney’s team.

Playoff P.

He then had a personal ESPN documentary following his free agency journey that led him back to Oklahoma City to run it back with Russell Westbrook because he claimed that they had ‘unfinished business’.

Damian Lillard waved bye-bye to them after splashing a 60-foot jumper in Paul George’s face to eliminate OKC in the first round again.

Playoff P.

So it should surprise no one that while everyone is zigging, his weirdo ass is zagging.

It’s worth adding another layer to George’s weirdo-ness that his original jersey number in Indiana was 24 and he changed it to 13 because he wanted his nickname to be PG13.

No idea why a grown man would want his nickname to be ‘if you’re under the age of 13 you must be accompanied by an adult to watch me play basketball’.

Arrest Paul George before someone gets hurt.



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